Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

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Online and In-Store Sales - Terms and Conditions

1) No returns will be accepted without an RMA #. Call 603-645-0101 to obtain an RMA #.

2) All returns MUST include original packaging, warranty cards, manuals, etc., and must be in resaleable new condition.

3) All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee (hardware/parts). Computer returns are subject to a $100 labor charge in addition to the restocking fee. Canceled computer or component orders are subject to loss of deposit.

4) Refunds for purchases paid for with cash or check will be issued by check. Refunds for purchases of $50 or more that were paid for by check, will not be issued until 7 days from time of purchase. All refunds can only be issued weekdays between 10am and 5pm. Credit card refunds will be credited to customer’s credit card account on day of return.

5) Items returned 7 days or more from date of purchase will receive merchandise credit voucher only and be subject to all other terms and conditions of this agreement. No returns after 30 days.

6) GroLen Communications’ warranty on all products is honored at our repair center only. On-site repairs and house calls for warranty work will incur a service call labor charge, at our current hourly labor rates. On-site repairs are also charged our current labor rate for travel time to and from repair location. Our warranty does not cover software issues. Opening your computer’s case or removing our tamper-proof label will void your computer’s warranty.

7) Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

8) Term accounts agree to a 1.8% per month late charge on unpaid balances. Payments received are applied first to any labor and/or service charges, then to outstanding hardware charges.

9) Returned checks are subject to a $35 fee per check returned.

10) Items purchased, whether paid in full or not, will be subject to restocking and/or return fees if not picked up within 45 days of invoice. Any items, whether new, used or in for repair, will be considered abandoned if not retrieved within 90 days. Abandoned items will be discarded.

11) Labor fees reflect a 15% discount for payment at time of service.

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Internet Terms and Conditions

Online Service, BBS, GroLen and EveryBaudys Online refer to GroLen's Internet services.

Pursuant to the ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1986, TITLE 18, UNITED STATES CODE, Section 2510 and following, notice is hereby given that there are no facilities provided on this system for sending or receiving private or confidential messages. The System Operator (SYSOP) and assigns can and may read all messages left by any user at any time.

This is to protect GroLen Communication’s rights under the law. This is not a statement of intent on either behalf of GroLen Communications or the System Operators.

Fees and Penalties:

Subscriber agrees to pay the published rates for the use of services provided by GroLen Communications, Inc. GroLen Communications, Inc. may change these rates at its discretion.


Payment for all services must be received in advance. There will be no refunds for unused contracted services. Accounts delinquent in payment are subject to being suspended and/or terminated without notice. Suspended accounts will be assessed the balance due and a $10 reconnect fee if they wish to continue service. Suspended and terminated accounts are subject to removal from the host system without notice. GroLen Communications, Inc. charges a $35 Service Charge on NFS/returned checks. The Subscriber acknowledges financial responsibility for the account until payment is made in full.

Payment Method:

GroLen Communications, Inc. accepts payment for services by the following methods: Direct withdrawal from authorized checking account, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Money Order, Approved Check, Cash. Subscriber agrees to pay for all charges incurred and authorizes GroLen Communications, Inc. to apply said charges by the payment means selected at he time of sign-up. Subscriber agrees to pay all costs, expenses, and to an interest charge of 1.5% per month of the outstanding balance including reasonable attorney's fees incurred by GroLen Communications, Inc. to collect said payments in addition to a service charge equal to 15% of the amount due. All accounts due are subject.


Subscriber must request termination of GroLen Communications, Inc. services. A signed termination notice must be received in writing, via fax, mail, or in person within 7 days prior to next billing to avoid continued account billing. Email or telephonic termination requests do NOT satisfy termination requirements.

Disclaimer on Free Credits:

Free credits of any kind do not have any monetary value. They can not be transferred, assigned or redeemed by any user except the original ID account. Free credits have entertainment value only.


All "unlimited" membership plans are designed to offer the member unlimited use of the Internet. Usage is described as being actively engaged with the use of the Internet in a non-automated way. Software or hardware devices that simulate online activity will be grounds for immediate termination. The spirit of unlimited access is to allow the member the use of the Internet - all that is needed, not to stay connected when not using our service. This type of abuse not only ties up a phone line on our network, but causes difficulty for our other members. To avoid interruption in service, please limit your connection time to times that you actually are using the Internet. This helps keep lines open and busy-free for everyone. If a true 24 hour a day connection is needed, please contact us so we may accommodate you.

Email Abuse: Using this Internet service for the purposes of spamming is expressly forbidden:

  • Spamming will not be tolerated.
  • Any account used for spamming will be terminated immediately.
  • Any use of a grolen.com address in conjunction with spam will result
    in a fine of $150. If you fail to pay this fine we will turn it over to a
    collection agency.
  • We will notify the ISP or access provider of any spamming activity by
    an individual, and prompt them for action against that person.
  • Using the service in any way for spamming purposes, whether directly
    or indirectly, will expose an individual to legal action.
  • Forging e-mail headers is illegal and will result in legal action.

GroLen Communications wants you and the Internet community to enjoy the Internet -- free of spam!

System Features:

At no time do the operators of EveryBaudys Online warranty or guarantee any and all services on this BBS. Although we will make every effort to ensure that our service is accessible, we can not and do not guarantee that you will not encounter busy signals or be able to always access our system. GroLen Communications is not responsible or will not be liable for any user’s inability to access our service. We reserve the right to add, discontinue or temporarily suspend any feature of the service without notice or recourse. We reserve the right to decline any and all account applications and to terminate an account at any time. Accounts terminated without specific rule violations stated above will receive a refund pro rated by days or credits remaining in their account within 30 days of termination. Pro-rata will include the value of any prizes won and any fees incurred by this system (i.e. 900# or credit card fees).

Due to the low costs of subscriptions we offer no refunds. You can however assign or sell any paid membership or non-monthly paid credits to another user. Activation fees and free credits are non-transferable. Transfers may incur a fee of up to 10% of the days or credits involved.


Your establishment of an account waives the right to be indemnified for any and all actions that may occur on this system. This includes but is not limited to any actions that occur through the use of the internet and its services outside of this BBS, the use of any software that is part of this BBS or downloaded from this BBS. Basically, we assume no risk for any interaction, service, verbal abuse, contact, lack of service or file found online or any software program mailed to you offline as a result of contacting this system.

GroLen Communications is not responsible for any long distance toll charges that may appear on your phone bill. It is your responsibility to make certain that you are dialing a local access number to our service.

GroLen Communications, Inc., at its sole discretion, may terminate Service if the Customer fails to comply with any of the terms of the Service Agreement, or for any other reason that GroLen Communications, Inc., considers compelling.

The operators of EveryBaudys Online, GroLen Communications, Inc. appreciate your interest in our service and want you to be aware that we strive to provide a safe, pleasant and happy environment, dedicated to a Cyberspace created with a family environment in mind. However we do not and can not guarantee that such an environment will exist.

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